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Quicksilver Interactive Media, Inc. believes that good websites deftly integrate graphics and text to excite website visitors AND to please search engines. The result of this integration is an attractive 'sticky' site that is easy to navigate AND receives many thousands of referrals from search engines each month. Our dedicated team of professionals are available to guide you through the maze of ideas and technology that can otherwise stifle the creative process. We work with our clients to create lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.

In reality, anyone can create a website. However, organized sites with a good mix of graphics and text content are difficult to create. We have successfully created high traffic and attractive websites in tourism & adventure travel, business, real estate, and high tech industries. Check our portfolio for examples of our work.

Our Creative Process Ideology!

Inspiration - We create media that moves the emotions and prompts your customers to take action.

Distinction - Unique marketing media immediately sets you apart from your competition. Quicksilver Interactive has a strong history of creating fresh media for discerning clients.

Expertise - To successfully realize a client's vision takes practice, skill, and the ability to listen and interpret.

Action - Good intentions don't produce results. Decisions must be made. Plans have to be executed. Action is an integral ingredient in the recipe for success.

Satisfaction - We have built our business upon our base of satisfied clients. Our business has grown steadily since it's inception due to regular word of mouth referrals. We have appreciated and happily accepted all of them.

The Quicksilver Interactive Team
Photo by Eli Reichman
President & CEO | Brad Goettemoeller
Brad has a diverse background in business, tourism, engineering, and design that lends itself well to developing content rich portal websites, data-base driven e-commerce sites, and tourism-based business sites. Brad understands that a website is just one part of a complete marketing package and that complex problems have multiple solutions. He learns about his client´┐Żs business and goals to provide them with profitable multi-faceted solutions.

Brad earned a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University and then spent four years with Hewlett-Packard in technical marketing. In 1999, Brad left Hewlett-Packard to pursue a dot com venture. In 2003 he founded Quicksilver Interactive, which has become very skilled in developing popular and high quality sites. Brad has put together a talented staff so he can still be very active in every aspect of the business to ensure that his customers are always happy.

When not working, Brad spends time outside enjoying sports like whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, and skiing.