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Trailside Estates
Who: Trailside Estates is a new subdivision in Salida, CO. This development will use the local palette of landscape and architecture will maintain the integrity of historic Salida.
Desires: The client is beginning this project from ground zero. They wanted a logo and other marketing materials to help promote this development.
Results: Brad started the process by developing a logo with class reminds us of Victorian times but gives a feeling of modern times. The logo is easily modified with colors and will be used to create a strong brand.

Who: Allaboutrivers.com is a portal website for whitewater rafting and kayaking. The website is an electronic guide book that contains video, photos, maps, and lists of outfitters.
Desires: The client wanted a logo that could be used to develop a brand for their website and line of waterproof guidebooks. Major concerns were for a simple readable logo that would look good in black and white, 1-color, and multiple color uses.
Results: Brad created a clean and strong logo using imagery that whitewater enthusiasts can relate to. The logo looks good in all potential use formats and will enhance any layout that it is used in.

Engineered Intelligence, Inc.
Who: EI is leading the way in the development of new technologies for parallel programming of particle dynamics. EI's software unleashes the true power and capabilities of high-performance clusters.
Desires: EI already had a logo. They requested some enhancements to their logo to excite the senses and that could be used in future marketing efforts.
Results: The original logo was blue but was only two dimensional. By using simple techniques, Brad put some three dimensional effects on it that gives it depth and shine. EI used it on their new website and will continue to use the new logo for future marketing use.